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03.04.2010 at 12:26

On 28 May – 3 June the 3rd Week of Trust campaign will be taken in Ukraine. This time Simferopol will host the event. The first ‘Week of Trust’ was celebrated in Ukraine in 2010. Its special guest was Professor Rajmohan Gandhi, the grandson of Mahatma Gandhi, the leader of non-violent civil disobedience. This event started the tradition of celebrating a Week of Trust in Ukraine.

Goal of the Campaign

To initiate broad public discussion within Ukraine on the aspects of building trust amongst various social groups to foster sustainable development of the country.

“Week of Trust” Framework of Activities:

Monday, 28 May – opening of ‘Week of Trust’ . Presentation of non-governmental organisations Initiatives of Change International and Foundations for Freedom to the local journalists and representatives of the non-governmental organizations and authorities at the Press Center. It is planned that Professor Rajmohan Gandhi and President of Initiatives of Change International Omnia Marzouk will join the presentation via Skype. They will talk about the ways and tools of building trust in a multicultural society, of which Crimea is an example.

Tuesday, 29 May – Round Table: ‘Crimea’s image viewed through its national colouring. Ways of building trust’. Representatives of national communities, scientists, and Republican Committee on Intercultural Relations will present facts and share thoughts about the present situation and compose recommendations to the authorities on the ways of improving the relations between different nationalities.

Wednesday, 30 May – Discussion moderated by the CHESNO Youth Civil Movement. The movement worked out the criteria to evaluate honesty of the authorities: lack of facts of human rights and freedoms violation, permanent political position, lack of corruption. The main values of the movement are: openness, independence, trust, tolerance, and transparency.

Thursday, 31 May – Round Table: ‘Trust to Authorities – Foundation for Development of Civil Society in Crimea’. Representatives of NGOs will share their experience on interaction with authorities. Officials from the Council of Ministers will speak about experience of work with civic organizations. The discussion on tools needed for the development of civil society and raising trust to the authorities will follow.

Friday, 1 June – Screening of the film Joyeux No?l and discussion.

Saturday, 2 June – Sunday, 3 June – Training on Trustbuilding for young people of different nationalities.

See detailed schedule of planned activities »»»

Why “Week of Trust”?

The crisis of trust, widely observed in Ukraine, is hindering the life and development of all levels in society. It multiplies suspicions among wider public, government and business, leading to aggravation of existing and appearance of artificial contradictions…

As initiators of this campaign, we understand that today there isn’t simple and universal formula for building mutually trusting society in Ukraine. We are confident that rebuilding trust is a long, laborious and hard work. This work has been done by many countries, including India and United Kingdom. It’s time for Ukraine to make this choice and walk along the path of trust-building. This is the very reason the idea of such campaign appeared.

Reference: Rajmohan Gandhi – grandson of Mohandas Karamchand “Mahatma” Gandhi, one of the leaders and ideologists of independence movement in India, whose philosophy of non-violence has widely influenced development of national and global movements for non-violent reforms. Continuing the work of Mahatma, professor, writer and former MP of India, for more than 50 years now, participates in initiatives aimed at building trust, peace, democracy and those fighting corruption and injustice. He was serving as the President of the International organisation “Initiatives of Change”.

Campaign organiser: Club of Young Leaders initiative in partnership with International organisation “Foundations for Freedom”.

Yulia Krivosheina
Tel: +380999140170
e-mail: i.krivosheina@gmail.com

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